Ideas into user needs and on to tasks

A long road in London

Form the group

Slack, blah blah

Screen shot of Slack

Miro this, miro that

Screenshot of Miro
  • a head of comms or head of digital job role
  • content designers
  • and then users, generally.

Double diamond meeting

Miro doom

User stories, permissions matrix, approvals dashboard

  • As a content editor, I can set a date when content needs to be reviewed, to ensure that information is accurate and up to date
  • As a content administrator, I can set a default review date for all service pages based on a policy (eg. yearly)
  • As a content administrator, I can see a view showing all pages that need to be reviewed
  • As a user, I can see when a service page was last updated/reviewed, so that I feel confident the information I am reading is up to date.
  • Author — user who writes stuff but can;t publish it straight onto the website
  • Publisher — can publish their own stuff and other users
  • Administrator — control everything else.

This meeting could have been a meeting that could have been a…

Working group, structured

Working group, rolling

Sprint planning


Steps we tooks (recap)


Form the group



User story refinement

Meeting: formal and ongoing

Tasks for developers



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