Weeknote 29

Oliver Hannan
2 min readMay 13, 2024


I didn’t write a weeknote last time, it was a bank holiday and I was away on a stag do.

This week was short because of a bank holiday and a day off.

There was some chat at work about weeknotes, I think some people felt they had to read these words or felt left out a bit. It made me reflect on the point. I started to write these to help my mental health when I was stuck in an unhappy job. I don’t mind if folk read them but they are for me. I do worry about it being navel gazing or even narcissist but then it just goes in the big pile of stuff I worry about.

At work

Deployed Drupal 10 to an internal system. In other notes I’d kind of said this was moving fine. Then it stalled. I wonder if people internally noticed this. It did have a negative impact on the whole team. I’m glad to say we have now upgraded as necessary. The QA engineer and developer worked really well together in the end. I had to lean on some colleagues to assist with the mapping of tickets. I’m not very good at asking for or even accepting help but getting better

We started converting design elements to Livewire. Aligning with the dev team on this has been a challenge.

I met with the team who manage rights at BFI to discuss some content that is nearing it’s limit of copyright and ownership agreements. It was a positive conversation and everyone seem comfortable with the timescales I’ve been talking about.

We had a quick demo of Masv, a file transfer system.

Other stuff

I took a day off for my birthday. I had a leisurely day with a lie in, mellow breakfast, then some beers in the park with pals and even phoned a pizza to the park. I felt blessed to have a big squad of local mates in Walthamstow. I went to bed happy at 10.30 and missed a once in a lifetime meteorological event. I hate making big plans for my own birthday. I planned nothing this year and had the best time.

My birthday continued on Saturday, my wife and son treated me to a very non Mexican but delicious breakfast burrito. We walked around Victoria park. I hadn’t been since the glory years of Field Day.



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